The Ends of the Earth.

Jesus, I believe in you
and I would go,
to the ends of the earth
to the ends of the earth
for you, alone are the son of God…
and all the world will see
that you are God…

We were singing that at my church in downtown Toronto yesterday.
I realized something that I thought was kind of ironic.

Right now, the end of the earth that I’m being called to is… my hometown.

I love Toronto.
A lot.

But right now I really feel that God wants me to go home. I’m excited to be with my family. Plus I know there’s a lot of things I have to learn that are best learned there. I also have high hopes for lots of Jesus time in there in the midst of family and working.

I’ve got a little less then a week left in this city. It’s almost time to say good bye to my Victory kids, to try to see some of my Peace kids one last time before I leave, and part from friends who have become family over the last three years of my life.

Then it’s Kingsville. Finding a job. Getting my license. Growing up a little.

Learning from the wisdom of my parents. Hanging out with little Philip-ay. Bothering Ronald and Toady. Getting to know my not-nearly-as -little-as-last-time-I-saw-her niece.

And serving Jesus right where I am, in my little hometown.

I think I might be ready for this.
We’ll see.



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2 responses to “The Ends of the Earth.

  1. Hosanna


    Through you, God has blessed everyone whom He has brought into your life and across your path. I am one of those who’s life has been enriched because of knowing you!

    The awesome thing about friendship in the Lord is it is eternal. It will last forever!!!

    I will definitely miss you tons. Just like the past 3.5 months. It has been just totally weird without seeing you almost every day!! Things just weren’t the same!

    Keep your faith in our daddy in heaven after you leave UP. It WILL take some time to adjust. And hey, remember, if you are ever in T.O., you have a home to go to and stay at, “Mimi & Gilman Bed & Breakfast” 🙂

  2. Janet

    I am sorry you are leaving Toronto but I am very glad you are getting psyched up for coming home.

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