Right Here.

Hey guys, it’s been awhile.

I’m glad you’re still here, I was afraid that nearly three weeks without writing might have lost you. I apologize. Those of you who knew me through my high school days know that it’s only through God’s strength that I’ve actually been writing frequently this year. Heaven forbid one of my teachers stumble across this blog and realize that I am in fact capable of creating written works that could have been printed out and handed to them upon request. Well, I’m growing up and praying through the barriers that have always stopped me from putting my thoughts into words when I ought to, not just when I want to.

Lately I’ve been feeling whiny and self-centered… I want this blog to be joy-filled and Christ-centered, so I’ve been having some trouble.

There’s only eight weeks left. In total I’ll only have given Camp Victory three and a half months of my life. (Not including weekends, I still spend those with Camp Peace kids when I can.)

I didn’t tell you about March Break camp a week or so back.

It was great. It was a great time to get to know not only the kids from other camps, but to really get to know the ones from my camp as well. There was an amazing missions team from Dordt College in Iowa, they were hard workers and a lot of fun to be around. Some awesome street leaders worked for the week and it was so cool getting to hang out with them. Plus my little brother Phil came and created his own little missions trip by volunteering for the week.

The theme for the week was “Joseph’s Roller coaster Ride With God”, I missed the meeting where they picked out the theme, so it was really neat to me.

When Camp Peace was closing we talked a lot about Joseph and I remembered some things I’d learned when teaching children about him a couple of summers back. When I read through the passages about Joseph in the Bible I was amazed by his attitude. No matter what crazy situation he was thrown into, he made the best of it. With God in control he was the best slave he could be, when in prison he was completely trusted and put in charge of everyone else. And of course he did an amazing job as the second in command of Egypt.

Joseph didn’t sit around and pout.
Joseph knew that God can change any situation for good, and so he did his best where he was.

Only eight more weeks, eight more weeks to turn over to God and allow Him to help me do the best I can, right where I am.

Me and my little bro at Camp Joseph.



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2 responses to “Right Here.

  1. Lala

    i love u. do u have skype? u need it, get it and skype me, so i can see your pretty face =)

  2. Hosanna

    Story of Joseph, how appropriate!! It’s the same story God has been speaking to Mimi and I during those difficult and challenging few weeks after Camp Peace!!

    Glad it is being taught at the camp. Anyway, just want to encourage you to keep close to God and give your best and finish your race at UP.

    Look forward to seeing you soon.

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