Rejoicing in Heaven (Part 2)

In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents.

– Luke 5:10

First be sure to read Part 1

After awhile I started to wonder where Pipes was. I stuck my head in the office then backed out awkwardly as three individuals who looked rather busy and were not Erin Pipes looked up at me.

“She’s still in WordUp!” I thought to myself, and I began to pray for the Spirit to guide her words as I walked quickly towards the area of the room where her Bible class had been.

Sure enough she was sitting around a desk with two kids, reading from Matthew and explaining the words to the children. On a whiteboard above the desk there was that cliff diagram of how we’re separated from God and need to go through Jesus to get to him.

As I listened I praised God for the words He was giving her. Soon enough they caught me looking in and had a small argument about whether they should send me away or let me join in. It was looking like I would return to basketball when the kids finally decided I could sit in on their lesson.

She later told me that it had all started when the little boy of the group had said that he sinned every day so he was going to Hell. Just trying to get a rise out of her surely. Instead he said the conversation in motion and she was able to reveal Truth to him and the little girl who was with them.

There I was able to witness two more children being lead to Christ.

While they were praying my WordUp boys ran over, throwing their coats on. The little boy seemed a bit embarrassed so I mouthed, “They’re praying just like you did!”

“KEEP PRAYING!” one of them yelled.

Afterwards I ran off with the three boys telling them how the angels were dancing in Heaven because they’d found Jesus. Pipes stayed and talked awhile longer with the little girl.

Then they all headed home.

Later in our meeting we prayed for them all.
I hope so deeply that those seeds were in good soil and that their roots will grow deep.

Pipes and I talked about it with great excitement on our way home. It’s amazing how God decides to work in the midst of chaos. When we’re at the end of ourselves and don’t feel like we have anything to give. So that we can see, it’s Him, it’s not us.

Looking back, what seemed like chaos at the time was His perfect plan. I can see His hand sending each child to where He needed them. Even the three in the middle group who weren’t quite ready and needed to be where they were.  I’m sure He taught them each something special.

His Spirit was so present on that day.
On polar opposite sides of a very large room, he worked in four little hearts that are incredibly precious to Him.



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4 responses to “Rejoicing in Heaven (Part 2)

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  2. Lala

    I really needed to read this today, at this exact time. Thank you JESUS! Thanks for posting this story sweetheart 🙂

  3. Dan

    its the best feeling ever isnt it?

    God works is ways we cannot see and uses us… even our reluctance sometimes =)

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