I guess I forgot…

…how easy it is to fall in love with a group of amazing children.

I wonder if I’ll ever run into a group of children that I wouldn’t label ‘amazing’. I suppose if God continues to give me His eyes for them… well He made them amazing didn’t He?

Yesterday Pipes and I went to pick up three kids from their school. One of them said he wasn’t feeling good so we brought him home, while leaving the community we ran into three of our kids going in the wrong direction. The sillies were confused and thought that there was no camp. So we turned them around and all walked to camp together.

I was walking with a little girl. A rough and tough little girl. She’s actually really sweet, in the right there under the surface kind of way. She told me that she’d been yelling too much so her voice was really quiet, so she wouldn’t be as loud as usual. We agreed that we’d get water when we got to camp. Then she told me that our shoes matched, they were both checkered:

“Yours are black and orange checkers, and mine are black and white checkers, and I’m black and you’re white!”

I concluded that we would have to be checker buddies.

Later I got to help a little grade 4 boy with some math homework. He was just as into math as I’ve always been. Not at all. He didn’t really get it. I can remember that frustration, I told him about how I used to cry as my mom tried to help me with my math when I was little. He worked hard. I’m proud of him.

We split up into boys and girls and taught the story of Daniel and the Lions Den.

When camp was over one of my boy’s basketballs was locked in the storage room so I got it out for him then we started to play. If we’d been keeping score he would have beaten me, but we weren’t. When his dad came I ran over to give him a letter and introduce myself. The little guy was reprimanded for not being ready when he knew what time his dad would arrive. I told his dad it was probably my fault, his son was helping improve my basketball skills. He was a really nice guy. It was neat.

It was just a neat day.

One of those days filled with ‘moments’.

The special kind.

Victory kids are great. As we debriefed after camp we would be talking about how a certain kid did that day and then I’d look around and we’d all just be smiling to ourselves. Really, you would just say the name of any kid and you could see the love on everyone’s faces as they thought of that child’s little quirks and behaviours.

God’s been working in my heart towards Victory for quite awhile actually. On that awful day when the four AP interns sat together and heard the news of our camps closing the only thing I heard that I could feel peace in was that I was at Victory. I can remember, “Yeah, I love Victory. If it’s not Peace it has to be Victory.”

I thought at first that it would be discouraging watching how the kids are closer to the Pipes and Johannes. Pipes having been there over a year and a half and Johannes since October. Really it’s just a natural reminder that I can love these kids, but I put my time into another group of kids too.

I’m learning to stop worrying about it all and to just do my best in the place God has put me.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. -Colossians 3:23-24



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4 responses to “I guess I forgot…

  1. Dee

    Your kids sound awesome love. You should never be worried that your love won’t be big enough to encompass them all. ❤

  2. erin

    love.. Love… LOve… LOVe….LOVEEEEEEE
    so much. good post.. great picture.. awesome verse 🙂

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