Yesterday – Day 4/8


Joey, one of our awesome volunteers came by. She’s obviously busy and swamped down by exams, but she made time. Talking to her was encouraging. It reminded me that this whole situation has been eye opening in the way of seeing where  our priorities are.

I met up with our street leader MVP for pick-ups. We picked up five kids from their homes – including his little brother.

Remember the little cheering boy from day one? Well his bus was late so we were standing waiting with his big brother. We had a good conversation with him. At one point he said that his little brother is really sad, but he’s trying not to show it. “He talks in his sleep though.” I guess the other night he was caught saying, “I did all my homework at camp…” while fast asleep.

Soon the bus pulled up and that wonderful little boy stumbled out to join us for day four.

When we got to camp another volunteer was there. A man I know from church on Sundays. The kids didn’t know him well… He volunteered quite awhile ago. What a great moment when my flustered street leader stood there in awe of his old camp leader. “Oh my goodness. Don’t tell me. The names coming. Wolverine! Oh my goodness, it’s good to see you man.”

It was cool for Wolverine to see a young man he’d once lead, leading his own group of young ones.

Camp was chaotic.
I was tired.
I came home and slept.
I woke up this morning.
I called my mom.
And then I wrote this blog.
One week down, one more to go.
Here’s hoping it’s a good one.

Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD.

-Psalm 27:14

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