Day Two of Eight.

Today camp felt a bit more… normal. It’s strange trying to slowly find the old normality when it will be over again soon anyways.

We were supposed to build domino contraptions but instead the children put clothes pins on their hands and pretended to be monsters and then we played marbles.

In my WordUp (or Bible study time) we’ve been talking about Jesus. I’m going to have to speed the lessons up it seems. So today we talked about some of his miracles.

I asked them what would probably happen if I asked God to let me fly and I jumped out the window. They told me that God would probably say no and I would probably fall.

I asked them what would happen if God wanted me to.

They told me I would fly.

I agreed.

I commented on how late it was getting and started to stand up. “WE FORGOT TO PRAY!” One of my girls yelled.

I sat back down, “I’m sorry. Should we all pray?”

“Yes.” She said, and so we did.

She told God that we are all sad that there will be no more Camp Peace and asked if we could have Camp Peace again some day.

I liked her request but just like I won’t jump out the window if God doesn’t say He’ll let me fly… I won’t try to make it happen unless He says so.

My heart is breaking
as I remember how it used to be:
I walked among the crowds of worshipers,
leading a great procession to the house of God,
singing for joy and giving thanks
amid the sound of a great celebration!
Why am I discouraged?
Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
I will praise him again—
my Savior and  my God!
Now I am deeply discouraged,
but I will remember you—
even from distant Mount Hermon, the source of the Jordan,
from the land of Mount Mizar.
I hear the tumult of the raging seas
as your waves and surging tides sweep over me.
But each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me,
and through each night I sing his songs,
praying to God who gives me life.

-Psalm 42: 4-8



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2 responses to “Day Two of Eight.

  1. louis

    you’re one amazing dudette ms. rumour ruthmary weiler (did i spell it right?) I’m glad to have known you for that summer =)

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