Day One of Eight.

Today we told the children. They were rather solemn. There were questions like, “Is Camp Peace closing forever? Is there no summer camp? Forever?” It hit us hard to have to answer those.

One amazing little boy had a little cheering session. Poor guy, I saw through it. I somehow ended up helping him with his homework (wow… I just realized how many little things got me to that point).  Well we were there with no one listening in and I asked him, “Are you sad buddy?”

“No, I am happy.” he said.

“Oh really?”

“Yes, no more Camp Peace for the summer. I get a break.”

“Well, yeah, I like breaks sometimes too, I get tired.”

“Yeah… When do we register?

“Register for what?”

“When do we register for Camp Peace again?”

Oh God just bless that little boy and his gigantic heart.

They don`t get it yet. They don`t know what two weeks means.

I told all the parents, they all felt for ME. It was kind of beautiful, they’re all so beautiful. They know this hits us hard. They know we adore their kids.

I`m kind of lost.
No more Camp Peace?
No more summer camps?

Are… are you… sure?

Um, I think so. I think yeah… I`m… sure… yeah.

You’re the defender of the weak

You comfort those in need



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2 responses to “Day One of Eight.

  1. amanda

    oh rumour… this is heartbreaking… i’m praying for you guys. ❤

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