Glorify His Name.

I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.Psalm 86:12 (NIV)

A week ago the second years went on a retreat with some folks from the Salvation Army.

Something that’s not at all uncommon at Urban Promise, we had know idea what we were actually doing. We just kind of go along with what we’re told.

The Thursday night before we had sat at our intern director’s house eating dinner before heading home after the trip to Quebec we’d just returned from (I don’t believe I’ve mentioned that on here. I plan to on a later blog, hopefully the next one.) He checked his email and told us our itinerary for Saturday.

We were tired. We’d just packed tons of Bible College knowledge into our poor heads and we’d done a wee bit of manual labour while in Quebec. Everything he read off would normally have appealed to me but for some reason my heart got heavier and heavier as he read. We would be talking about where we’d come from and learning about who we are.

Oh right.

And we were going to write a Psalm.

David was sitting at the end of the table and he says told that the looks on the rest of our faces were priceless. “WHAT!? A PSALM!?”

We were tired!

Luckily Jeremy’s wife, our Intern Mama, had the opposite reaction. She decided she’d like to join us, and for some reason this made everything seem ok and we stopped our silly worrying.

Saturday turned out to be a great day. There was a small group from the Salvation Army half of whom we had already spent some time with. We learned about God’s love, and how it’s important to spend quiet time with Him.

One activity that we did was to draw a tree that was in a way a timeline of our lives. At the bottom we had to write about our roots, the things that make us who we are. Then up the trunk we did a timeline of our lives with big events that had effect on us. At the top were the ‘fruits’ we hope for in the futures, things we expect God to do in and through us. THEN we had to present this to the group. A group consisting of some of my closest friends, some people I’d met four times, and some people I’d just met that day. I think, it was good.

We did a lot that day… But do you recall what we’d been dreading? All day I hoped it would just go away and I wouldn’t have to write a Psalm. “I don’t do poetry Pipes, I write prose, I don’t do poetry!” I told Erin, and she agreed. Then suddenly a switch flipped in my head. We just had to do what we do. I write, writing for God is what I want to do for my life, I just had to do it. And Erin could write a rap, she’d done it for fun before. I knew God would love an Erin Pipes rap just for him.

And so we just wrote for our God, and I’ve collected some of the results for you, Mine, Erin’s and David’s:

MyPsalmv2 copy



It’s not as hard as you might think. Give it a shot. Write something to God. I’d love to see it if you want to shout it to the world you could comment here… (I swear the world reads this thing ;)) or just store it in your heart and keep it between you and God. He wrote you the greatest love letter through His word. Write something back! 🙂


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