He blesses me as I walk the streets of His city.

I have this problem where my mind never turns off.

I’m a major over thinker.

One thing that I think about all to often is the end of my internship. Most of us don’t know what we’ll be doing next but even the things we do know aren’t fun to think about. Like the fact that we won’t all be doing the same thing. We’ll be in different cities, different countries, different continents.

Having close friends across the ocean is really tough, I learned that last year.

One of my European friends gave me a good reminder last night. He said he’d miss his kids (there we were thinking way too far ahead again) and I said I’d miss mine too. He reminded me that I’d only be a few cities away, and I should be thankful that it won’t cost me a thousand dollars to visit them.

I always wonder what it will look like to visit my kids after I’ve been gone. I pray that God will supply so that I can visit them some weekends while I’m in school. (I’m hoping to attend King’s in London Ontario at the moment… My plans seem to change when I least expect it, but we’ll see!)

Yesterday I felt like God was giving me a little sample of what it would be like to see my kids after I’ve been gone:

I was walking down Queen street towards the place where I would meet with my partner so that we could head back to Jane and Finch together.

Earlier in the day I had been talking to, Spencer, my partner from last year about two amazing little brothers that we had been very close to last year. They don’t come to program anymore and we haven’t even been able to get hold of their mother. He said he would try and we would find a way to spend time with them.

Now back to Queen street. As I walked past their street I thought about how much I’d like to see them. Seconds later I saw that their mother was beside me, she’d been heading the other way down Queen. We both stopped and exclaimed our hellos and then she said “WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO MY HOUSE!?” She proceeded to tell me that her boys missed us and they really missed Hosanna. She said that her oldest told her all the time that he wanted to go to Camp Peace so that he could learn about God. She gave me a way to contact her and told me times that would be good for us to meet with her and the boys.

I walked away praising God for His perfect timing.

Next I had to walk through Chinatown. I hadn’t seen a little boy who I often refer to as my Little Best Friend for more then two weeks. I hurried down the street remembering that I would soon be at his store. It was a bit chilly so the normally wide open store had a glass door across its entrance.

I often find myself saying about this fellow, “I can’t wait to see him today… I don’t know if he’ll hug me or kick me, but I’m excited.” This week I’d been feeling a bit discouraged so I’d been praying that when I saw him next it would be the better of those to options that he’d choose.

So I walked up to the glass door and waved in at him and his mother. I started to slide it open and he came and helped me. I stepped up and he opened his arms for a hug. I hugged the little guy and then hugged his mother. We talked for a bit. I asked him if he’d be at camp the next day. He said “NO! Never!” and I asked him if he was trying to break my heart in half. He said no, he was trying to break it into quarters. He would be at camp. I love that kid.

I’m trying to remember to tell you some of the amazing things that God is doing for me. Sometimes I wonder if you’ll realize how truly amazing things like these are. But I guess that’s just me over thinking things again! God knows the desires of my heart and gives them to me when I need them most. I can’t even fathom how loving He is!

Whom have I in Heaven but you?

And earth has nothing I desire but you.

My flesh and my heart may fail,

But God is the strength of my heart

And my portion forever.

-Psalm 73:25-26



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