Where did that week go?

I’m sitting here trying to figure this out. Is it that I did a lot this week or not enough this week? Perhaps I’ll sit down and make a chart of the activities I took part in this week in comparison to the weeks prior all in order to discover how this week managed to sneak by without my even noticing.

I had fun at camp this week. Started to plan out the Urban Promise Christmas party with the other second years. My dear friend Kristina Lush visited from Tennessee for a day… that was a whirlwind if I’ve ever been in one. Today we brought kids to the church we work out of and practiced their song for the Urban Promise Celebration that’s quickly approaching next week. AH, there it is.

I’ve been knocking on extra doors and talking to extra parents all week to try and arrange everything for the kids performance. That’s been making time fly. Right oh, time well spent. Whatever would I do without a blog to talk to?

Well, if you’re in the city on the 30th I sure hope to see you at Urban Promise Toronto’s annual Celebration event. It’s sounding amazing. And of course, some of my kids will be there. They’re pretty amazing.

One problem with time flying is that you tend to miss some of the things you ought to be remembering to do. For example I just got a message from my mother telling me that she hasn’t heard from me in awhile! Oops. Looks like I have a phone call to make.


He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. -Ecclesiastes 3:11

You got a gift and you best start using it

Cause if you don’t you’re gonna wind up losing it

Just like the brother who buried it deep

The task was simple but the price was steep

We got a mission while we’re on this earth

We need to tell people ’bout our second birth

Get busy like a school boy makin’ an A

Cause time my brother is tickin’ away

Time Is – Dc Talk

Sure hope next week decides to slow down a bit.


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