A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart.


We take so much for granted.

If you look in my bathroom right now you would not understand why the Jane and Finch girls are celebrating. It’s very white. White walls and white ceiling. Freshly painted white.

We’re praising God for our bathroom in all of it’s bright white splendour.

Maybe you read the one blog I wrote last year on October 23rd 2008. It was about the shooting that had taken places down the street a bit before. The last line was an impromptu “Oh dear.  Our bathroom ceiling is leaking.”

http://jane-and-finch-girls.xanga.com/679500843/both-ends-of-the-gun/ – You can check if you’d like.

So nearly a year ago, and since then we’ve had paint peeling off of our ceiling, right on top of the shower. Every shower had an added little hassle. It was a pain.

Yesterday morning I was in the bathroom, thankfully just finishing up when I heard Erin telling some man at the door that someone was in the bathroom. I hurried out to find that a painter had come to fix our ceiling. He told us to empty out the bathroom and came back with a red shopping cart filled with his supplies.

He painted everywhere that needed it. It’s so nice.

Now we’re praising Jesus for a shower without peeling paint. Something we never would have realized we should be thankful for, if we hadn’t lived without it.

Also, the Camp Victory Youth supervisor went out and found something that might just get rid of our bug problem. So we’re thanking Jesus for him too!

(Erin says she’s been watching a cockroach for awhile across the room, his name is Krueger, he’s lucky she isn’t holding a bottle of Windex.)

The Urban Promise staff is heading over to Muskoka Woods today. For some more training and a bit of a spiritual retreat before our camps start up next week.

I’ve got some things swimming around in my head that I’d like to write about for you here. I’ve been asking  God to help me sort them out and He’s been doing so, but I’ll be gone for a couple days now. Erin Pipes also says that she might just do a guest appearance on my blog. Let’s hope so!

“Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

– Romans 5:3-4


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  1. iwasawriter

    Hey cuz
    You have a lovely writing style – it communicates so clearly how you feel about the journey you’re on. I find myself, as I scrolled these few entries, getting a little choky. It’s always so encouraging to see someone believe so wholeheartedly in what they’re doing.

    Keep sharing!

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